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Financial Aid Appeals

If you or your custodial parent(s) have been adversely affected by extraordinary circumstances that have reduced your ability to pay for college expenses and/or if your basic financial aid budget is not reflective of your educational expenses, the UCI Financial Aid Office may review those circumstances in order to consider changes to your available financial aid.

If you are a prospective student who has been admitted to more than one UC campus or other college, you should submit appeal information to each respective campus.

Family Contribution Modifications

The types of changes that could impact your family contribution and warrant review are those that occurred since you submitted the FAFSA/California Dream Application and/or that are not reflected in the tax return or other documents you used to complete the FAFSA/California Dream Application. Any increases in assistance will be limited by the availability of funds and the extent to which the circumstances impact your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) within the federal need analysis formula.

Circumstances that may be considered for family contribution appeals include:

  • reduced income/hours/earnings,
  • death of a parent and/or
  • unusual and necessary expenses (e.g., medical/dental/optical costs not covered by insurance).

You will be asked to submit a form detailing the change in your circumstances since you submitted the FAFSA/California Dream Application. You also should expect to support claims of changed circumstances by providing documentation such as:

  • tax return/tax transcript/W2,
  • pay stub,
  • letter of employment termination/ benefits eligibility/verification of loss of benefits,
  • divorce/separation agreement,
  • death certificate and/or
  • receipts/billing statements from medical/insurance providers.

In addition, you and/or your parent(s) may be asked to provide a narrative description explaining, in detail, how and why your situation has changed from the previous year.

Basic Financial Aid Budget Modifications

If you are incurring educational expenses that are greater than the standard financial aid budget, you may wish to submit a budget appeal to have these additional expenses added to your budget. Expenses must be incurred during the current academic year, and you must provide documentation for all requested budget additions. If a budget increase is approved, the difference between your current budget and your increased budget will likely be funded with additional loan eligibility.

Expenses that may be considered for budget appeals include:

  • rent/mortgage and utilities,
  • on-campus residence hall fee,
  • transportation,
  • computer purchase,
  • necessary medical/dental/optical expenses,
  • childcare expenses and/or
  • special books and supplies.

You will be asked to submit a form documenting the requested budget add-on. You also should expect to justify expenses by providing documentation such as:

  • copy of a signed lease/mortgage/housing contract,
  • copies of receipts/cancelled checks/billing statements and/or
  • an itemized list of approved special books and supplies that are required for a class.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

If you are notified that you have not met the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirement to continue receiving financial aid, there is an appeal process available if you were prevented from meeting the requirement due to extenuating circumstances.

Circumstances we do consider: Extenuating circumstances may include, but are not limited to, prolonged illness or hospitalization, a death in the family or a change of major required by your academic department.

Circumstances we do not consider: Extenuating circumstances generally do not include a voluntary change of major, double majors, or participation in an off-campus program (such as EAP, IOP, UCDC).

On the Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal request form, indicate the nature of your appeal and include the reason(s) why you were unable to make academic progress. Also, submit any supporting documentation that would assist in evaluating your extenuating circumstances. This may include, but not be limited to, a statement from your physician or hospital records indicating your or your family member's illness or a death certificate or obituary for a family member. Finally, explain how your situation has changed and would therefore prevent a re-occurrence.

(Graduate and Professional Students only): In addition, download a Proposed Academic Plan form and take it, along with a print-out of your 'My Academic Status' page from the My Aid website, to your faculty advisor. At the meeting, you will create an academic plan with your advisor which is both realistic and achievable for you to complete. You will submit this plan to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships along with your other appeal materials.

After submitting your appeal materials, you may check your appeal status on My Aid under the 'My Academic Status' tab.

Satisfactory Academic Progress forms are located at the bottom of this page.

Other Appeals

Appeals may also be considered for situations such as on-time status, and changes to marital status. Contact the office for details.

UPDATE: Our office is no longer accepting On-Time Status Appeals for the 2017-18 year.


The type of funding you are eligible to receive is dependent upon your circumstances and the funds the campus has available. This means you may only be eligible for additional loans.

Appeal Forms

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