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Submitting Tax and Income Information

If your financial aid file is selected for verification, you must submit tax and income information using one of the following two methods unless you/your parents file or are required to file a foreign or Puerto Rican tax return.


If you filed a California Dream Application, you cannot use OPTION 1 below to submit tax information. Rather, you must use OPTION 2 further down this page to request and submit a tax return transcript.

OPTION 1 - IRS Data Retrieval from FAFSA
Approximately two weeks after you/your parents file your/their federal tax return(s) electronically and six to eight weeks after mailing a paper tax return to the IRS, you/they may be able to update your FAFSA and copy the tax and income information from the IRS to the FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT). This is the preferred method for you to supply tax and income information to our office and will speed the processing of your financial aid.

This video tutorial will help you update your FAFSA using the DRT:

OPTION 2 - IRS Tax Return Transcript
If you/your parents are not eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, or choose not to use it, you/they must instead request a Federal income tax return transcript from the IRS and submit it to our office. If you/your parents filed a joint return and are now separated, divorced, widowed or remarried, you/they must submit Federal income tax return transcripts as well as all W-2 forms. If you/your parents filed an amended tax return, you/they must submit both a Federal income tax return transcript and a signed copy of the amended tax return (1040X) to our office.

Tax transcripts may be requested from the IRS in the following ways:

  1. Requesting on-line:
  2. Calling (800) 908-9946
  3. Mailing an IRS form 4506T-EZ
  4. Using the IRS2Go mobile app

Tax Extensions:
If you/your parent(s) are unable to submit federal tax information by the deadline because you/they are filing an extension, you must submit to our office a signed copy of IRS form 4868 along with all of your/your parent(s)' W-2 forms. If you/your parents are self-employed and do not have W-2 forms, you/your parents must instead submit a signed statement indicating their 2015 adjusted gross income (AGI).

Please note that if you submit an extension in lieu of your/your parent(s)' federal tax information, you will only be considered for federal financial aid. You will only be considered for institutional funds if you submit the required federal tax information to our office by the original due date.

(Revised 4/18/2015 - BS)


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