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Receiving Aid

In order to have your financial aid available to pay your fees or disbursed to you, there are a few steps you need to take:

  • Accept your aid
  • Complete your To Do List
  • Enroll in units
The links below will provide you with more detailed information regarding each of those steps.

  • Requirements to Get My Aid
  • In order to receive your financial aid you must complete the items noted on your To Do List.

    This includes:
    • Accepting and confirming your aid award on "My Aid".
    • Completing all necessary paperwork.
    • Meeting the policies and conditions for receiving aid.
    • Registering in the Minimum Required Units* (MRU) in order for your financial aid to be applied to your fees.  You should check your ZotAccount to verify your enrollments and financial aid credits.

      * MRU is generally six units.
    • If you withdraw or drop below full-time (12.0 units) you should contact our office to discuss how your financial aid will be impacted.
  • Paying My Fees / Fee Deadlines
  • How Do I Pay My Fees?
    • The Zotbill puts your registration fees and financial aid awards together on one statement.
    • Financial aid that is available will appear as a credit on your Zotbill prior to the beginning of each quarter. Please visit your Zot Account at
    • You are responsible for paying your fees on time.
    • If fees are not paid by the applicable fee deadline, you will be withdrawn from the courses you selected and charged a late fee.

      The fee deadline dates are as follows:

      Fall TermFriday, September 15, 2017
      Winter TermFriday, December 15, 2017
      Spring TermThursday, March 15, 2018

    • The UCI Registrar's Office has more information on payment of registration fees.
  • Getting My Aid / Disbursement Dates
  • How Do I Get My Money?
    • After you pay your fees and any other charges on your ZotAccount and enroll in at least six (6.0) units, any remaining financial aid will be disbursed to you.

      Please note that some type of aid require you to be enrolled in more than six units. Please refer to the information provided to you in My Aid for unit requirements for the aid you've been offered.

      Remaining funds will be disbursed beginning:

      Fall TermMonday, September 25, 2017
      Winter TermWednesday, January 03, 2018
      Spring TermWednesday, March 28, 2018

    • The balance will be divided equally among the quarters you are attending.
    • You must log on to to tell us where to send your funds. Once you have logged on and get to "Welcome to ZOT Account Online" select "Direct Deposit (DEFT)" and complete the requested information.
    • Financial funds will be sent to you by mail or directly deposited (DEFT) to your personal bank account at the beginning of each quarter.
    • Disbursement begins on the first day of the quarter.
    • Work-study funds are paid bi-weekly (every other week) and are paid through the employing department.
    Important Notes about Electronic Funds Transfers
    • If you change or close your bank account, you must update the information by updating your information online at
    • Failure to update your bank account information will cause a delay in your disbursement.
    • You will receive a notification on your UCI e-mail account prior to the transfer of funds to your bank.

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