Receiving your financial aid

You've put in the work, so let's ensure you receive your financial aid. There are just a few steps to making that happen. 

Complete your To-Do List

Review the “My To-Do List" in MyAid, and make sure you follow the steps.

  • Complete all necessary paperwork.
  • Read the Important Rules. This will help you now and in the future.
  • Follow the instructions for the [loans] you just accepted.


Pay your fees on time

The ZOTBill includes your registration fees and financial aid awards together on one statement. Financial aid that is available to you will appear as a credit on your ZOTBill. 

You are responsible for making sure that your fees are paid on time. If fees are not paid by the applicable fee deadline, you will be withdrawn from the courses you selected and charged a late fee. The UCI Registrar's Office has more information on registration fees.

Decide where to receive your funds

After your fees are paid, the financial aid balance will be divided equally among the quarters you are attending. You need to log on to your ZOT Account to tell us where to send your funds.

Decide between digital or paper checks 

After logging in, select Electronic Refunds found in the left navigation bar. You will be prompted to choose either Electronic Fund Transfer or Paper Check. Based on your selection, you will be prompted to add additional required information.

Keep an eye out for your funds

Financial aid funds will be sent to you by mail or directly deposited (DEFT) to your personal bank account at the beginning of each quarter.

Know the differences between aid types

You work-study funds are paid bi-weekly (every other week) and are paid through the employing department. Parent PLUS loan checks will be mailed to the parent borrower.