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Important Links to UCI Resources

Why is it important? Here are helpful tips for students and parents 

Campus Social Worker 
Look at the summaries of services they offer to all students.

Budgeting and financial planning for students

The Direct Loan website

DREAM Center

EdFund EdWise 
For borrowers with loans guaranteed through EdFund

Scholarship Search Service

Financial Aid Information Page 
Non-UCI guide to financial aid for students

Financial Services 
Provides resources to students in the areas of loan administration, student tax information, billing, collections, payments, disbursements.

Basic Needs Center
Our Basic Needs Center provides educational resources and direct services to promote basic needs security amongst UCI students. We serve current undergraduate and graduate students, and our services are designed for the specific needs of the students we support. 

UCI Home Page

Higher Education Tax Credits

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center
An open and inclusive place for the UCI community.

NSLDS (National Student Loan Database) Student Access 
Department of Education's central database for student aid

UCI Payment Plan

Registrar's StudentAccess 
Department of Education's general information website regarding financial aid

Student Health Insurance Plan

Scholarship Opportunities Program

Transportation Services

UCOP Student Academic Affairs

UCPath for Students: Information about your payroll

Handshake - work study positions

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