Loan Tools at UCI

Be an educated borrower

We’ve put together tools to help you make informed choices around loans and paying for college. Use these tools to get a basic understanding of the various types of loans, making payments, how to manage debt, the benefits of consolidating loan debt, and more.

Know before you borrow

Student loans is money that you borrow and must repaid, sometimes with interest. You are not required to accept your student loans to be eligible to receive any awarded grants or scholarships.

Borrow only what you need, you can request UCI Financial Aid Office to decrease your student loans before accepting it or cancel any unpaid student loan.

If you receive your student loan through your Zot Account and change your mind, you can repay it without penalty, contact our office for instructions.

  • Know if your student loans are subsidized or unsubsidized.
  • Know who your loan servicer or lender is and keep in contact if you change your address or enrollment status.
  • Know when repayment or accrual of interest starts.
  • Keep track of the loans paid directly to you or your University charges in MyAid, “My Loan History.”
  • Estimate your federal loan repayment with the Department of Education before accepting your loan(s).

Learn to manage your federal student loans at

Review all the tools that we put together to help you become an informed borrower:

Private loan lenders

The University cannot predict the loans, interest rates, and fees for which a student may qualify as lenders have different criteria for both loan eligibility and loan rates. However, students typically qualify for more attractive loan rates if applying with a creditworthy co-signer.

Note, additional conditions may apply, and lenders may change loan benefits without notice. Borrowers should rely solely on the information each lender provides regarding these benefits and are encouraged to seek details about them. There are significant differences in lender policies.

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