The FSA ID: your handy digital signature

Your FSA ID is the username and password you will need to create in order to sign your FAFSA® form electronically and access certain U.S. Department of Education sites. You can also use your FSA ID as a legal signature to sign your Master Promissory Note (MPN), apply for repayment plans, and complete select loan counseling.

To create a FSA ID account, just go to and register with your Social Security number and your personal mobile phone number or email address. Now, when you access your FAFSA form with your FSA ID, your personal information will be automatically loaded into your application, saving you time and preventing errors. 

If you’re a dependent student, one of your guardians will also need their own FSA ID to sign your application electronically. 

Your FSA ID must be unique

You and your parent can’t share the same account username and password (FSA ID). Remember, your FSA ID serves as part of a person’s identification, as well as their electronic signature, and should only be used by that individual.

Both parents can have a unique FSA ID, although only one is required to sign your FAFSA, They can create an FSA ID by following the same instructions.


Don't lose your FSA ID

Retain your FSA ID for the entirety of your education, regardless of if you are at UCI.